Flu meets Covid in a the bar. Flu says, I'm much more lethal than you are , I kill 30 times more people. Covid says, that may be true but I have better marketing.

Glad to see that influenza no longer exists. That must mean that flu shots are no longer necessary. 65,000 people were killed by it last year and miraculously, this year, it has disappeared.

And of course, all test sample were sent to an independent testing laboratory, right ??

Get the flu vaccine for what?? I can't find any cases reported anywhere. Everything is covid now. Not sure what the difference is other than masks and lock downs for one but not the other.

Decisions, decisions, get the flue vaccine or wait for the Covid vaccine ?? Since they are both corona viruses, that makes it even more complicated.

We're all wearing masks, what's the point of a flu shot ??

Why ?? The flu has been eradicated. Everything is covid now.

Apparently along with the requirements for firearm ownership already in existence, an IQ test is necessary.

When this is finally proven to be a hoax, there should be criminal charges against the perpetrators. For a real virus which provides grounds for a declaration of a pandemic, there should be no distinguishable difference in the responses between red and blue states.

Yes, keep up the pressure and maybe, after the election, we can remove some of the restrictions. I'm not sure why Oregon fed into this virus mania to the degree with which it did as they already had total vote by mail. Why punish the citizens of the state when the primary democratic objec…