I think Governor Kate Brown, the Oregon Dept. of Health, and County officials have potentially done too good a job keeping our county safe, and now residents (who apparently have learned nothing from watching the news out of places like New York City) are ready to “get on with their lives…

So, basically, “As business owners we don’t care if people die, we just want more money.”

They seem to have left out the part about half their infrastructure catching on fire immediately after the earthquake.

Haha, I love all the medical research you cited making your claims about how little there is to worry about. Oh, wait, you didn’t cite any research. That’s because medical experts are advising the opposite.

100% agree! Plus, wouldn’t it be nice if there was free community wifi in several areas of Tillamook so that students, who suddenly need to try to continue their education on-line, could access it freely?

Thank you for this well-written and informative article. It is sad, however, to see how both the hospital and County Health officials seem more interested in dodging questions than telling us how poorly equipped our county really seems to be in the face of this pandemic. That is, anytime …

How does it make sense to build more buildings in the flood zone?

DaisyDog commented on Letter: Brush hog

The only way this makes sense is if you personally volunteer to cut every limb and tree from the shoulder and fourteen feet up for twenty miles of roadway. What's that, you're saying you want someone else to do all that work?

I appreciate your efforts. It’s hard to keep a government operating in a two-party system where one party refuses to participate. Top of the agenda for next session should be penalizing lawmakers who fail to appear without documented medical or emergency reasons.

Republican state legislators don’t seem to understand how democracy works.

Total fail on upholding the State Constitution they swore an oath to uphold!