Two voters in this house want to use this news story to send a sincere thank you to Tillamook County Commissioners for their part in keeping Tillamook County at only 6 cases. 6 cases and no deaths isn't just from good luck but we do feel lucky and grateful.

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I have just sewn myself an Olson mask, hospital design, there's a tutorial on youtube. I used the mask yesterday, with nitrile gloves, to get necessities in town. Nobody made fun of me but nobody else had a mask on, either. Your wife and I are influencers, I hope. I'm 80, so being an infl…

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To make sure you know you're not alone in your view of the roadside butchery, we agree. Over the years, I've noticed some of the cutter operators are more aesthetically sensitive than others. Maybe this year they were a beginner.

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Where there is a robust library system, there is hope. Tillamook needs hope. I certainly need hope. When we travel, we judge a town by their library. I'll bet many visitors judge our towns by their libraries.

The quality of our county library system is, to me, the main representation …

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This is a brave letter. I appreciate it. The social reasons for gun violence are many, as you say. Here's another one.

My online access to the Headlight Herald has presented, right beside this letter, an ad with an open knife that could be mine free if I would join the NRA now for only $25.

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This is a very thoughtful observation and a very reasonable request. I second it, thank you.

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Alma Bird has been a wonderful part of Tillamook world for me.

We're wondering what that grand total would look like if the dollars in it were adjusted for inflation. Over all the years of March of Dimes and Charity Drive, dollar values changed. For example, $100 raised in the 1950s would count for a lot more than we think.

I think these street ideas are excellent, both the new Hoquarton and the one-way 2nd St.

I wasn't enthused about the 2nd Street closure, it seemed excessive for doubtful uses. This one-way is a better idea than the current two-way street. Good job.

This is a very interesting story. To discover the interest, you need to follow the links to the full agenda, to the sketch of the new Hoquarton Street prospect and to the ODOT email explanation. I'm intrigued by the idea of Hoquarton Street.