How long has it been since you have visited the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum? If the answer is more than 10 years ago, you are in for a pleasant surprise. With an incredibly dedicated team devoted to the Museum’s mission, TCPM has had many upgrades to the building in the last nine years, … Read more

When a young child, I was with my mother in Meier and Frank’s Department store in Portland. It was always a big deal to go to the city and those big stores. While we were shopping in the fabric department, I briefly got separated from my Mom – surrounded by purses and belts at eye level, man… Read more

Forcing me into paying a new tax or to pay the health premium of others is a detriment to my family’s and my own health. If you feel so moved and are financially able, start a non-profit for those in need of health care instead of forcing me to against my will and ability. Read more

To Jordan Wolfe – enough about you, it’s time to start writing about people, places, current events, in other words the five Ws of the happenings of Tillamook County. I would like to read about editorial comments informative to our community. Read more

Happy Fourth of July! Hopefully your celebrations include enough hot dogs, watermelon, BBQ sauce, and happy, tired, sticky kids that there is not too much time for reflecting during the course of the day. However, if you do find yourself thinking about the whys-and-hows of July 4, perhaps yo… Read more

Less than six months from now, the Highway Project will be all wrapped up! Last week, the night paving efforts gave us a huge boost toward that finish line, with passes of base layers and a final top layer that brings us to grade throughout the northern portion of the project. It takes a few… Read more

June 20, 1990: Two weeks overdue, my giant self is finally born. Pigeon-toed, cone-headed and beautiful, I’m ready for the world. Because of my tardiness, my father was not able to be in the delivery room to watch my birth, cut my steel cable of umbilical cord and sob big man tears while hol… Read more

In 2014, when Tillamook County commissioners, the Economic Development Council, the Tourism Advisory Committee, and numerous community members and tourism experts were setting up what would become Visit Tillamook Coast as the countywide tourism organization, a 10-year plan and set of priorit… Read more

The County and many Community partners have been actively working on the recommendations made by our 2017 housing study, “Creating a Healthy Housing Market for Tillamook County.” The study can be found on the CARE, Inc. website at: Read more

How differently things might have turned out if the good but misguided Hitler supporters had turned against him two years after he had become chancellor. (His diehard supporters would always back him.) How many millions of lives might have been spared. Read more

At the recent June 12 FEMA Forum public meeting, sponsored by the Tillamook Board of Realtors, regarding the new FEMA Flood Maps, we learned that a serious financial impact comes with those changes. We also learned upcoming changes to flood maps trigger spikes in the hazard insurance premium… Read more

I still remember the first time I walked into the Garibaldi Museum. I am a little embarrassed to say it was for a job interview. Looking at it from the outside I thought it was such a small, nondescript building. I walked in the doors, and I just fell in love with the building, the atmospher… Read more

Many readers have recently encountered a significant amount of coverage in both the traditional and social media with regard to changes in recycling. The decision to suspend recycling efforts in Douglas County while rates are increased in Portland are direct results of the changes in recycli… Read more

Walking into my eighth grade band class, I already knew I would be distraught having legendary band instructor John Coughlin replace legendary band instructor John Hammond. Read more