North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection is requesting an extended comment period regarding the proposed Olympic Line clearcut. That land, owned by Stimson Lumber, directly abuts Jetty Creek. (See FERNS-NOAP Olympic Line, #2020-511-12574; Stimson Lumber Company.). The notice of this … Read more

Symphony Story-time is a fun and unique video series from the Oregon Symphony designed for preschool through elementary aged children and their families to experience popular storybooks. Each episode is entertaining and educational, and includes a great children's story narrated by a master … Read more

Dave Dittmer has been having a problem with elk on his property. He put up motion sensors to alert him so he could chase them off before they mess up his yard. One recent night, his sensors went off multiple times and he went outside to see what was going on.  There were two deer in the yard… Read more

Santa will drop by at the Rockaway Beach Fire Department on December 5th. I have contacted Santa several times, but he never gets back to me. Hopefully your kids won't miss this event. Keep your eyes and ears open. I do know it is a drive by event. Your children will stay in the car and Sant… Read more

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so it is only fitting that the library column focuses on being grateful. While 2020 has brought us many unique challenges, the eternal optimist in me is determined to be thankful about the many positive events happening at the library. Read more

In the following attempt to deal simply with great matters, I acknowledge in advance the numerous exceptions and counter-arguments to my observations about political brands, tribal membership, and conspiracy theories. Read more

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers! I’ve learned, too late, of a handful of take-out Thanksgiving options, but each of them needed more than a day’s notice to prepare turkey and the trimmings for us.  I hope that you have a happy celebration, within the parameters required during Covid season.… Read more

First, allow me to wish all my readers a most wonderful Thanksgiving. I do give thanks for all of you who have been following my column for more than 16 years. It will be a strange Thanksgiving this year for sure, but everything has been strange this year. The saddest part will be not being … Read more