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Many of us really want to reopen our lives, but until we all get tested and find out if we are carriers, opening up at all is likely to keep us under lockdown for another school year. Adhering to the norm of September-June for students will make a truly significant difference to our children, to our workforce, and to making sure small businesses can remain in existence.

I don’t believe Tillamook can recover from the lockdown unless we stay the course and remain separated until EVERYONE knows whether they are carriers, or current and former survivors of the virus. We can’t afford to open early and let the virus loose again, and then have to go through the isolation all over again, but for even longer, and with casualties.

What would help right now would be for EVERYONE to wear masks in public places (at the very least in grocery stores and in businesses that are currently open.) Evidently many locals think they don’t need masks, and they continue putting the rest of us at risk. If they haven’t chosen by now to cooperate, they likely will not pay attention to the milder restrictions of re-opening. School busses won’t be safe until we have a vaccine, or 1 child per seat and lots of wipes.

Day care won’t provide a safe place, more tourists will keep us guessing in restaurants, and all the impressive avoidance we have managed thus far will be undone and restartedin time to sabotage 2021. It would be reassuring if we all stepped back and listened too the people who are experts who have dedicated their lives to learning how to keep us all alive.

All those deceased from this pandemic will have died for nothing if we cannot honor them by keeping each other alive. This is not as much a choice as a responsibility. It is unpatriotic to allow yourself the luxury of making others sick or spreading death to those whose work and company sustains us. Let’s not pressure our officials to reopen Tillamook, or the parks and beaches, just because they fear losing the votes of those who don’t care; those who just want what they want. We are better than that, and we can sacrifice our pleasure for a little longer, even if only to honor the deaths of so many lost loved ones. No more loss of life need happen if we all can just be patient, responsible, and “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” It’s really not that difficult to show respect and wear a mask. Be safe, be kind, be someone we all can be proud to have as a neighbor.

Deborah and Thomas Neal



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(2) comments


First, I respect your opinion and can agree to disagree.

Lets first start by giving a big round of applause to everyone for stepping up to the task at hand at the onset of this "pandemic". We were told how bad this could get and that "they" didn't know much about the virus. For the most part our community stayed home and safe. That was the responsible thing to do.

Now rather you agree the Governor has the authority to declare a state of emergency longer than 28 days or not. we can stick to this topic.

As the weeks went on we found out a few things about the virus. Heck now the CDC says the virus is not easily on surfaces! Wow what a change.

Then the whole mask thing. They look great and all but the virus itself is much much much smaller than the whole in your fabric mask or even a N95 mask. Its like swatting mosquitoes with a tennis racket.

We should save for the medical community and contractors, you know TB, asbestos and concrete dust are never good for the lungs.

So should we really wear masks? I am, obviously, of the opinion they do nothing for civilians, besides harm the individual wearing them. Folks breathing in your own CO2 is not good for you!

Then we get to the issue of re-opening our public lands. Which in my opinion should have been done after the 28 day declaration, or after additional laws were passed. FYI Additional laws have not been passed....

The beach, campgrounds and the public lands as a whole provide the best area to practice "Social Distancing" yet campgrounds are closed beaches are limited if not closed in Oregon.

UV Light and heat are things that seem to kill this virus, and it seems like these would be great areas to grab a bit of those UV rays.

Each community has their "locals" which feel they own or have authority to regulate the state resources they live next to.

FYI: They are state resources paid for by the tax payers across the state.

I think it is time for small business to open, just like large corporations have been able to. I encourage you, fight for your right to earn a living.

I think that if people are scared by this virus due to their risk factors, then take the necessary precautions, just like anything else.

This thing is not going away, it will forever be just another thing people can be infected by. A vaccine will be probably be years away and likely ineffective.

The numbers from CDC and OR health authority show that most who die from this are above a certain age, in hospice or care facilities and have other underlying conditions.

Oh, lets also take away any incentive ie.. $$, from hospitals for positive COVID death tests. that seems like it might cause a few extra to be counted who might not otherwise, IDK, just a thought.

That is a much easier thing to control than society as a whole. That should be our focus!

Just an opinion from the other side.


I think Governor Kate Brown, the Oregon Dept. of Health, and County officials have potentially done too good a job keeping our county safe, and now residents (who apparently have learned nothing from watching the news out of places like New York City) are ready to “get on with their lives.” Failures to social distance that you have pointed out, along with a tremendous lack of testing, (despite all that President Tweety says is available) will inevitably lead to a new outbreak in Tillamook County, and more deaths.

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