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Something in my heart and soul was telling me that masking children all day at school was wrong.

Then I read several well-run studies from mainstream entities (i.e., the Cato Institute, November 8, 2021 • Working Paper No. 64 ) showing the ineffectiveness of masks in school-like settings, and my brain told my heart and soul that they were right.

I propose the Tillamook County School Board allocate several thousand dollars to hiring a private sector constitutional lawyer and/or medical professional to stand up for our children in the courts and get those dirty, useless, smile-hiding masks off our children’s faces!! !

Oregon is one of only a handful of states masking their children at school. To me, that is an  international embarrassment, and not in-line with the freedom-loving, civil rights-respecting

Oregon I knew twenty years ago.

Oregon led the way in supporting gay rights and gay marriage. We were one of the first states to legalize marijuana. Our free speech laws are the envy of the world. Even in Democrat-run Oregon, the 2nd Amendment has been well-respected. Oregon has a rich history of standing up for individual rights and freedoms. Today, Oregon is a global leader in fascism, communism and government overreach, leading the charge into unscientific and unconstitutional medical tyranny, with most of our elected officials shamelessly ignoring the U.S. Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution and the Nuremberg Code. Instead, our leaders are doing the bidding of Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the Center For Disease Control. (Control it they do!)! ! It’s becoming more and more clear that the likely origin of Covid19 was the bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, China, not from somebody eating a bat from the food market down the street. (That fact has always been a kind of ‘duh’ for me, but I’ve spent years as an anti-war and environmental writer and filmmaker digging for truth, so I very much understand how powerful, criminal elements in the public and private sectors work to hide the truth, to cover their crimes).

I invite you to read a Newsweek article dated April 2020 (one month after the first shutdown), and you can see how I arrived at my ‘duh’ early on. You see, in 2014 Anthony Fauci wanted to do gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses in the United States. Obama said ‘hell no’, so Fauci and the NIH took millions of taxpayer dollars (your money) to the bio-weapons lab in

Wuhan, China and did the research there. For those who don’t know, enhancing viruses gainof-function is considered extremely dangerous by the medical community. The research involves making viruses more contagious and/or more deadly by ‘teaching’ them to overcome obstacles such as immunity, and, vaccines. (boosters forever?)

Call me crazy, but when it comes to pandemic solutions, I’m not too interested in listening to the guy who let this virus out of the lab in the first place, a guy with deep, very deep, connections to the pharmaceutical industry, which has been given over a trillion of our tax dollars for their apparently ineffective vaccines. (again, boosters forever?)

If you think money isn’t driving most of this tyranny, think again. Why are 28-million American children, who enjoy a 99.9% survival rate and who barely get sick when they contract covid, being pushed, prodded, and mandated to get the vaccine? Money.

Why are children being mandated to wear masks all day at school when they are the least-likely group to have any covid issues whatsoever? Money. The teachers’ unions wanted to mask the kids, because it’s the elderly teachers with tenure that are afraid of getting covid, not the schoolchildren. These elderly bureaucrats don’t mind abusing our children and suspending the logic of science in order feel more safe themselves. These elderly teachers have apparently chosen the wrong career, and they should be replaced with young, robust teachers who are not at risk of or afraid of covid. Those young teachers are the brave, caring, smart folks I want teaching my 13-year old daughter at Neahkahnie Middle School.

I grew up the son of two public school, union teachers, and I received many benefits from the union contracts. But now those contracts need to be torn up and written anew, in a way that is best for the children. That Governor Brown would subject the schoolchildren of Oregon to this abuse and medical tyranny on behalf of big campaign donors (the teachers’ unions) says so much about who she really is and who and what she really cares about - and it’s herself, her power, her ‘legacy’, not our children.

Spending a few thousand dollars exploring ways to free our children in Tillamook County is worth the cost. Masking our children all day at school is not okay, is not worth the cost.! !

There is a famous photo from 1940s Germany in which dozens are giving the Nazi salute, but there is one guy in the middle of them all who isn’t giving the salute, one guy who recognizes the tyranny and refuses to put his arm up like the rest. To all of our elected and unelected public officials in Tillamook County, we need you to be that guy in the photo, to stand up against this tyranny, just like you always said you would, and get those masks off of our children.

Andy Norris  

Tillamook County


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Teachers are wanting children to mask so they don't get covid and die? Why that's outlandish. Next thing they'll be asking is for people to lock their gun cabinets so children don't wander into school and shoot them dead.

Liberal nonsense? No, that was sarcasm.

If you the author so dearly believes in his crusade against masks let him fund the lawsuit himself. Meanwhile the rest of us will continue the work needed to end this pandemic.

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