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In response to the many letters written in the Headlight Herald regarding their article about Facebook censorship, I could only shake my head, roll my eyes and laugh at the hypocrisy of every letter written.

In your very letters, written and published through a private newspaper, your right to free speech was given freely. Yet, in exercising your right you condemn the very right itself. Facebook, while private, in it's very essence promotes itself as what it was intended originally to be. A place for speech on a social media platform to enhance and expand the very basic right of speech to all individuals and a way to allow that to happen.

Tiffany entrusted Facebook with her thoughts, memories, pictures and life events. It's not just that they removed them from sight as if they never existed, but stole them from her never to be seen again.

Many of you committed the act of assumption or outright lies yourself in your own letters, making false statements as to her being a liar or promoter of violence. At least one of you is guilty of having spread actual lies about Tiffany on Facebook, about her place of employment and promoting boycotting a local business that she is not, nor has ever been affiliated with. All because she has a different viewpoint. Were you banned from Facebook for that act?

Here's the Crux of the entire issue. Freedom of speech has no limit! As humans, we have free will, because of that we have various views. Those views then lead to opinions, those opinions are based on our own personal experiences. Opinions are not true, false, lies, or gospel. There are feelings based on our own personal experiences and how we as individuals interpret those experiences.

Who are you to say that I cannot have my own opinions and express them? That's like saying because my favorite color is green and yours is blue you must tell me I'm wrong to like that color over yours and that I cannot express my like of the color green.

Do you not see the hypocrisy of your own actions when you condemn someone else for the very same action?

What if the newspaper didn't put your letters in the editorial column because they didn't agree with you. What if they censored or change the content to align with their beliefs?

The First Amendment protects freedom "of" speech, not freedom " from " speech!

Yes, private businesses can do what they choose, but Facebook's act of censorship negates the premise of what their product promotes. That in itself then becomes a lie.

The Headlight Herald reported a story to you. As all media should be, they are concerned about freedom of speech, considering freedom of the press goes hand-in-hand with it.

For myself, I will slowly remove my profile from Facebook. I am finding many other alternatives and now have found Phoenix social network a comparable site, yet they allow my voice an open mic. I encourage my friends that are concerned about free speech to follow me in an exodus to the open market. Maybe then, companies like Facebook will feel the consequences. Only when we realize that words are just expressions and not acts, then maybe the 1st Amendment can continue to protect every single American, regardless of ideals, from those that wish to squash free will.

-Jill Williams, Tillamook


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If you can’t handle people speaking out about Tiffany and the fact that she abused her privilege, then stop posting content about her. Marking my comment as spam isn’t going to change how people feel about her. Only a change in her behavior can lead to a change in public opinion.


I really don’t understand how you can equate Tiffany abusing her platform to spread hateful messages and intentionally spreading disinformation to somebody disagreeing about favorite colors. I have enough faith that you are smart enough to recognize how incomparable that is, so why are you doing it? I feel that Tiffany deserves the right to regain access to her photos and videos, she shouldn’t have those stripped from her forever. But she abused her freedom of speech and used it in an irresponsible way that stands in direct contrast to the philosophy of free speech. Nobody is asking for freedom from speech, but people aren’t free from the consequences of their speech, whether it be public shaming or being removed from a platform for consistently violating their terms of service.

If you see people on the left violating the terms of service, I urge you to report it. That function is there for a reason, and I have used it on those on both aisles. There has been disinformation on both sides removed from the website for being false or provoking violence, and to say otherwise is to admit your aren’t paying attention or it’s an admission that you are intentionally ignoring facts that contradict the world view you want to paint. For the love of God and this country, stop spreading this false narrative that conservative voices are being censored unfairly.

Opinions are one thing, and there are countless conservatives that aren’t having their accounts removed because they don’t spread blatant lies or spew racist remarks. Somebody having their account removed because they have a recorded history of lying and spreading hate is not the same as conservatives being censored, and why folks are writing these posts crying that this is conservative censorship is beyond me. Why would you want to couple racist speech and lied to conservatism? They are not mutually inclusive and it’s strange that there are conservative folks who seem hell bent on painting them as one and the same. You realize this plays right into the narrative of those on the left?

I do not understand how people can witness the kinds of things Tiffany shared on Facebook and not agree that she was constantly crossing a line. This isn’t a matter of opinion. If you believe that racism is bad and that we should be honest and truthful with the information we share, then you also have to admit that Tiffany violated those morals time and time again. If you don’t recognize that, you either never paid attention to Tiffany’s behavior on and offline, you are in full support of racism and disinformation but recognize it’s not a good look to admit to that and so you deny it because you’re afraid of the backlash, or you are being manipulated by the disinformation and lack the empathy to understand what racism truly looks like.

Tiffany wasn’t removed to censor her conservative voice. No matter how many times people try to spin the narrative as if that’s the case, anybody with a moral backbone who paid attention knows why she was removed, and it wasn’t because her opinions where different. Her opinions were harmful and hateful and it’s well past time that people call her out for it.

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