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It is mind boggling, trying to understand the democrat party’s rhetoric. I will try to get my point across with a few examples.

If a woman has a baby then throws the baby into the garbage, leaving the infant to die, it’s a crime. Yet during an abortion, if somehow the baby comes out alive, now it’s OK to kill the infant because, the woman has the right to choose.

Democrats say it is necessary for conservatives to work with them so the nation can heal, where were they for the past four years? Democrats wanted to investigate Trump’s Russian collusion yet will not look into election fraud by allowing a forensic audit.

In a DEMOCRACY the majority rules, and a REPUBLIC protects the minority.

Democrats constantly say they are for the little guy, yet take money from the financial giants. In a democracy majority rules, leaving small businesses (minority) out in the cold. (This example goes to any minority, if you think about it, we all fit into one of many minorities.) A republic gives equal protection, example each state has two Senators no matter the size or population.

It’s hate speech if something said is not politically correct or someone is offended. But is not hate speech when democrats are degrading a portion of society, by saying “ they are drags of society” or “ tell them they are not welcome”. So what is freedom of speech? I may not like what someone says yet I don’t have the right to tell them they’re not allowed to speak. Another example Is in the words of Jeff Merkley US Senator from Oregon says, a judge who follows the constitution is “Extreme Right and Anti-American”. This quote from the Senator is far from the truth, so is it your opinion David, the Senator should be cut from media to express his opinion?

The examples are endless.

So David Audet, you did not read any of Tiffany Jacob Facebook etc. and you are implying she is guilty inciting violence, that is truly amazing. It’s also amazing how are you able inform us, how the financial giant Facebook is thinking.

-Charles J Hurliman, Tillamook


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Perhaps she was banned from FB because of her clear beliefs in the nonsense QAnon crap? Her sweatshirt "WWG1WGA" clearly shows the rallying cry of QAnon "where we go one, we go all,". I believe that FB (rightly so) is trying to scrub all this nonsense from their platform. Silly stuff. The election was not stolen, it was lost. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/what-is-the-qanon-conspiracy-theory/

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