I am writing regarding Terry Hayes letter urging all to become vegan. I am wondering how that happens? First, we eliminate all cattle -bulls, steers, cows, heifers and calves? What about pigs, deer, elk, moose? These animals all poop gas. Maybe you can help with the slaughter. Then we close all facilities associated with dairy and beef processing. No more meat, cheese, milk, ice cream, leather etcetera. Goodbye Cheese Factory, Werner’s Jerky, dairy farms, beef ranchers. Goodbye Tillamook.

Of course, that means millions of lost jobs throughout the nation. Trillions of dollars lost to the economy. We wouldn’t need all the plants that manufacture equipment to run these facilities. More lost jobs and revenue.

We would have to grow lots more crops to make our soy burgers. Big farm equipment all run on fossil fuel. Maybe they can put little windmills on them. Fossil fuels are next. But don’t worry, the climate change Guru Al Gore bought big chunks of stock in plants to produce our fake meat. He did this when they were given big grants from the government under Obama.

Never forget every cent the government spends is your money. Al needs the money to pay for the big SUV’s that ferry him and his entourage to get on his private jet. He has to fly all over the world to be wined and dined with the other elites, talking about climate change. They all fly in on their private jets, sometimes they sail in on their yachts. No soy burgers for them. Of course, Al predicted we would all be dead by 2016.

Once we’ve eliminated all those nasty animals, put millions across the nation out of work, destroyed the economy of town and cities, lost trillions of dollars from our economy, destroyed our tax base, what happens? Does the government help everybody? The government has lost trillions in revenue. Don’t forget that money is your tax dollar. No jobs, lost industry, no tax money. Bankrupt country.

While we destroy our country the big polluters like China and India laugh at us. They will profit. We have not accomplished anything. I will still enjoy my hamburger with Tillamook cheese, my bowl of Tillamook ice cream as long as I can.

If you choose to become vegan, that is up to you. If I choose not to, that should be my decision. You cite studies from 2010, 2015, 2017. We have cut emissions drastically with clean energy in the past few years. Unfortunately, other countries have not.

I am sure China would welcome all the 20 some year-old politicians and pseudo celebs to be lectured about climate change. They can fly in with their entourages, in their $3,000 leather shoes and their $2,000 leather

Humans are carnivorous. That rich source of protein has been a big factor in the evolution of our species, physically and intellectually. There is no other nation on the planet that would consider destroying that huge portion of their food source. There is a difference between uniformed, self-serving rhetoric and reality.

Sandy Blaser



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