I had more laughs from reading the article by Jason Cox in your Opinion section in your January 2 Edition than I would have gotten from watching “Dumb and Dumber” on NetFlix.

It came as no surprise that I found both Shaena Peterson and her son, Vincent, are buddies with Jason on Facebook. Need I say more? Oh yes…I just have to. It is quite obvious that like Helen Wright, Jason Cox really hates to see Shaena go, and will stoop really low…even beyond name-calling to drive his sentiment home.

For starters, I don’t think Jason even wrote his opinion piece. My uncle told me more than once that Shaena (who used to live with him) used the term “snake in the grass” when referring to specific people she didn’t like. I think Shaena penned this herself – and merely used Jason as her puppet.

Now let me get into the meat and potatoes of Mr. Cox’s allegations – which is truly where this gets funny.

Mayor Kruebbe served on the board of BCAC for over one year and officially resigned to take a credit course at Tillamook Bay Community College to advance his professional career and work on earning his EMS/First Responder certification. He made it very clear to the board that this was why he felt the need to resign.

What Cox says about the theft of Kruebbe’s campaign sign by Bay City Councilor Wendy Krostag brought even more laughter. I don’t care if it was in a public right away. It was his property and to steal it was wrong. I don’t care if it only cost $12. Theft is theft, is it not, Mr. Cox? She did him a favor by moving it to a house across the street, called Mayor Kruebbe to inform him of this, and Kruebbe thanked her for this through a post on Facebook? All false.  All bogus (but more on this little caper next month). Why would Krostag be so concerned about a sign in the city right of way when she owns a permanent structure that also sits in the city right of way? Of course, the big question here is why is the city allowing that? They certainly know about it.

Asking what the police department is going to do about the criminal activities in Bay City is not an accusation – it is a question. And Mayor Kruebbe was asking this question long before his signs were stolen. At the forum held just prior to the elected he referred to the many car thefts and vandalism that plagues the city last summer. He only added the question about his own campaign signs being stolen as the most recent example of crime in Bay City.

Then Cox claims he (Kruebbe) used the time of the police officers, the city attorney, and the tax payer’s dollars to the tune of “over $1,500.” Well Mayor Kruebbe was the victim in this case – and it just so happens that he is a tax payer here, too.

The officers “recognized there was no intent”? What officer said that? No intent? Well I think if you willingly steal something there is indeed intent.

Excuse me while I laugh again.

“Fund his smear campaign”? I don’t think that Mayor Kruebbe held a gun to Krostag’s head and forced her to steal his sign. She did it of her own volition.

How do you disrupt a Tillamook Watershed Council meeting that allows for public comment? By raising your hand, asking a question, or voicing your opinion? Last time I checked this is the United States of America, not Russia or Afghanistan.

Mr. Cox refers to me as a “snake in the grass” and a “self-proclaimed investigative reporter?” At 6’ 5 it is really hard for me to hide in the grass (again, one of Shaena’s favorite terms of endearment for someone she doesn’t like) and my credentials as an investigative journalist are well-documented and beyond refute. Of course, Mr. Cox has never met me, nor I him, so how would he know?

My article of 12/14 was “full to the rafters with slander and starving of facts?” On the contrary, it was teeming with facts – and with impeccable documentation.

Helen said in a meeting that Shaena would “be back on the (Mayor) seat. “That alone doesn’t mean anything” he says? How about intent? That by itself means a lot!

The president of the Council is chosen by seniority? No it isn’t. “This year happens to be Kathleen Baker”? No, it doesn’t. And even if it did, Killion has more seniority than Baker.

And regarding the removal of John Gettman as president of the council, I never said it was Wright and Peterson who removed him. I am very aware of how the city government works. What I was referring to as the “legal procedural violation” was in fact that Wright told me she called that meeting, Peterson told me that Wright called that meeting, and only after I called Lois Albright to get her reaction (to which she played stupid) did Peterson then call back to say “Oh I misunderstood you. I did call that meeting.”

The Rules of Order for Bay City state that “The Mayor must call that meeting” – after both Wright and Peterson both clearly said to me that it was Helen Wright who called the meeting – not the Mayor! Peterson “misunderstood me”? When the simple question I asked was “Who called the meeting to remove John Gettman as president of the Council?” The truth here is that the meeting was called in violation of the city’s own rules and Shaena lied to me.

Now as to the issue with Darrell Griffith, the Bay City Fire Chief, and Wright telling him at the last Council meeting that he should find someone to take his place. All fire departments in Tillamook County have a paid fire chief – except Bay City. For the past ten years Griffith has faithfully put in far more than 40 hours a week as a volunteer. In fact, he had worked as many as 209 hours in one month as a volunteer with as few as one day off a month. Without him as chief there would be no fire department. When he leaves at the end of June there is a very good chance that Bay City will no longer have a fire department! Then when your house catches fire or you have a stroke – guess what? You will be on your own. The man deserves to get paid and there is no one else with the qualifications or the experience to take his place. But the old Mayor and the Bay City Council have been dragging their feet on resolving this issue for five years now (or as Lois Albright, Bay City’s attorney frequently says “tabling it for now”). Tabling it for five years? Really? Does Bay City deserve a fire department? Based on the attitudes of Shaena Peterson and the City Council – especially Helen Wright – I don’t think they do. And I say this as a volunteer firefighter and an Emergency Medical Responder for Bay City, which I have been for the past ten years. Darrell has had to put up with more crap and strangleholds from the former Peterson Administration than you’d get from a septic tank in Baghdad.

I called Shaena and “accused her” of saying Kruebbe ran a dirty campaign on the air? Well at this point it’s easy to see that Mr. Cox must have flunked reading in school. I did not. I said that it was at KTIL, before being interviewed on the air, that Peterson said this to a colleague of Kruebbe’s in person. I never accused her of anything. I politely asked her if she could explain to me what she meant by what she had said. She never asked me to stop harassing her and I wasn’t harassing her in the first place. Oops, she lied again.

There is no municipality in Tillamook County that takes up to one year to approve the monthly minutes from any meeting and I challenge Mr. Cox to tell me where he got that from. Again I must chuckle.

“Kruebbe was given a copy as a courtesy because he’s in line to be Mayor”? Well doesn’t that show favoritism and discrimination on the part of the City? Does anyone deserve a copy more than you, a tax-paying, voting citizen of Bay City? I don’t care if he is in line to be our next Mayor. I call “foul” for no consistency on the part of the City. “He should have realized this was the case and maintained confidentiality?” Are we talking about some top secret document here, Mr. Cox? No, we are talking about a public record. Hello?

I never said that Shaena has not done a lot of good things for Bay City. She has. But the fact remains that she is also a liar. She has lied to me more than once, surely I cannot be the only one she has lied to.

Lastly, Mayor Kruebbe has not insulted or falsely accused this long list of people and agencies that Mr. Cox alleges he has.

What Mayor Kruebbe has done, Mr. Cox, is win the mayoral election over your dear friend, Shaena Peterson – something you, Helen Wright, and Shaena simply have to get used to – or move.

But I do want to thank Mr. Cox for his concern -- or Shaena. And I’m betting that just maybe it might take him (or her) an hour and half to watch 60 Minutes.


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