The recent antics of Bay City Mayor Chris Kruebbe seem to be coming from a totally different person than the person I supported in the last mayoral election, someone I used to consider a friend.

Of course, at that time, I felt that he was a much better choice for Bay City’s mayor than Shaena Peterson, who I and many others saw as Tillamook County’s Hillary Clinton. Ironically, Mayor Kruebbe has been likened by some in Bay City to President Trump as of late (that coming from those who are not particularly fond of our President). During and right after the election, Chris shared a lot of good ideas with me and was an advocate for ridding the regime in Bay City of what he viewed as small town corruption and injustice. Because of this I saw him as a potential breath of fresh air (in contrast to the Peterson regime) and much overdue. But his recent actions would suggest he has gone off the deep end and in so doing has damaged his credibility in Bay City even further. No, let’s say completely.

Several months ago, Kruebbe, by his own choosing, opted to take an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) course through Tillamook Bay Community College. Concurrently he wanted to become a certified engineer/pump operator on the Bay City Fire Department, which also required that he attend and successfully complete a certain number of training hours. The problem was that many of his EMT classes conflicted with the engineer classes. Ultimately, he did not fulfill the requirements for the engineer certification. So, when he realized that the engineer certification wasn’t going to just be handed to him (because he had neither attended nor completed the required classes) he started to blame the fire chief and the whole department for this. That in itself was ludicrous. But it gets better (no, worse actually).

At the Bay City Council meeting on June 11, when referring to the Bay City Fire Department, Mayor Kruebbe said “I’ll drop a bomb on that situation.”

It was because of this statement at a public meeting that Bay City Fire Chief Darrell Griffith suspended Kruebbe from the fire department on June 25th. The very next day (June 26th) Kruebbe resigned from the fire department.

Then on June 27th Kruebbe called a special meeting of the Bay City Council. It was very clear that this meeting was called as an attempt by Kruebbe to have the fire chief dismissed for alleged incompetence. It was, of course, only Mayor Kruebbe who was alleging this incompetence and trying to use the council to further his own agenda. Shame on you, Mayor Kruebbe!

What the mayor did not anticipate was that the meeting backfired on him. The Bay City Council stated that they had done their own research into the chief’s performance and found it not only showed he had been doing his job to standards, but that his performance has been exemplary from day one.

Now I don’t agree with many things about Bay City Councilor Helen Wright, but when she looked at Mayor Kruebbe and said “Ever since you have been mayor we have had nothing but chaos” – well – she hit that nail on the head – squarely and justifiably. Kudos to you for that, Helen!

Bay City firefighter AC Hamilton, who was in attendance – along with 40 or 50 other residents of Bay City – told Kruebbe he was ashamed to be on the same fire department with Kruebbe – based on Kruebbe’s behavior.

Jody Daily, organizer of the Pearl Festival in Bay City, told Kruebbe during the meeting that his comment about “throwing a bomb” might lead someone to question how well balanced (or not) he might be.

And toward the end of this meeting Kruebbe had the audacity to say, “This isn’t personal.” Really? The truth is that this is nothing but personal!

“On July 16th, AC (Hamilton) and I were in the Fred Meyer parking lot and Kruebbe pulled right on front of us and gave us the finger!”  Krista Owens told me when she heard I was writing this opinion. “What is that all about?” Owens is also a firefighter in Bay City.

Is this not conduct unbecoming of a city official? Does the mayor of Bay City not feel he should be held to the same standards as the members of the Bay City Council, including some that he has admonished in the past because of their behavior? Has the mayor of Bay City lost his marbles? I think, based on his own actions, that he indeed has.

And I believe at this point that based entirely on his own actions – that Mayor Kruebbe should be recalled. Or maybe he should just resign.


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