I am calling this week's column, "how to read like a pro". Many of you are perfectly happy with your reading habits, and that is great. But there are some of you out there who have been trying to be a reader but keep falling off track...or maybe you have not been reading at all. There was a … Read more

For my birthday this year, I received a very special gift from my family: two succulent plants each month for three months. These come right on time from a company called Succulent City and are varieties I probably wouldn’t have chosen for myself but that have turned into some of my favorite… Read more

The following words were used to describe our communities friend, Ann Swain, who recently passed away; entertainer, funny, spunky and direct, warm, genuine, loved, friendly smile, bright ray of sunshine, real trooper, nice, awesome smile, shining light, sassy yet kind, amazing, beautiful and… Read more

My little piece of Cloverdale is looking better kept now that it has a fresh coat of gray paint. Thanks to grandson Logan Morrow, and his friend Luke Caliri who brushed a layer of recycled paint onto three sides of the first floor exterior during a visit last week. Metro's recycled paint sel… Read more

Steve and Karen Walz drove into Portland to pick up Karen’s sister, Diane, on June 28; yes, that was the day Portland hit 116 degrees! All three were glad to get over to the coast. Diane, from Southern California, enjoyed two lovely weeks in Cape Meares. She walked on the beach, saw whales i… Read more

This week, we’re going to play a word game with “TILLAMOOK”, and come up with a list of services the library can offer you. Let’s jump right in with the letter “T”, which stands for the Tillamook Library Foundation. This very important group, quite separate from the Library Board, works hard… Read more

Congratulations, Dairy Parade Association!  The Dairy Parade Association deserves a hip-hip-hooray for the exciting and uplifting Dairy Parade celebration.  It was everything a parade should be; music dancing, big trucks, princesses, floats, and more.  The Shriners from Portland were heartwa… Read more

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Imagine for a moment the community without the Chamber. This was not far from reality a decade ago, when we were months from the Chamber becoming a completely volunteer-run organization or not existing at all. The budget was unsustainable, our membership roster was short and frankly, at that… Read more

It was a great July 4th here in Cape Meares. Our unofficial, unsponsored, spontaneous parade took place right on time at 11 a.m. Parade marshals stepped out smartly, holding a “Get Vaccinated” sign with two participants holding long needles. Children on gaily decorated bikes and red or blue … Read more

Dale and I entertained 21 ukulele players on the fourth of July. Boy, it was sure fun; though I worked too hard with the food so I did miss a lot of the fun. Amber was visiting, so I had a helper, but she, who was supposed to be the photographer, had so much fun that she forgot to take pictu… Read more

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Wasn’t it fun to see our own Clover’s Day parade make front page news in last week’s edition of the Headlight Herald? Watching the parade on my sidewalk at home (I live along the route), I was happy to be joined by Jamie Chambers and her family. Jamie (formerly Wettstein) graduated from Nest… Read more

This is the "WONDERFUL NEWS ISSUE" of the Tales from the Library column, because we are going to talk about some big changes we are making. The library is taking steps to begin to bring things closer to normal, taking place immediately. Read more

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The 64th Annual June Dairy Parade is one I will never forget. It was a whirlwind to put together a traditional parade in just one month, after having planned for another inside out. But we pulled it off! And it was the was the perfect way to ring in the return to normal, not just for the par… Read more

Would you open the door for someone with a broken leg and crutches? Would you help a student struggling with anxiety get the help and support to keep pursuing their education? Are physical disabilities more important and worthy of assistance than mental obstacles? At Wilson River School, stu… Read more

It would be hard for anyone to deny that the hot temperatures we had last week in Tillamook County are not normal. We just don’t see 100° in the city of Tillamook or 98° in Garibaldi very often. Thank goodness! I have been so spoiled with the moderate summers and winters on the North Oregon … Read more

Steve Tackett and I had a little jam at Simply Charming Sunday afternoon. It is always nice to get together with friends and share music. Summertime is always busy for me with a lot of coming and going. It is so nice to relax, make music and calm my soul down a bit. Dale and I really don't l… Read more

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Congratulations to Star and Buster Brown, Australian Shepherds, on the birth of their eight puppies at Monkey Business 101 Nursery in Cloverdale. Owner Barbara Brown reports that the little ones' first visit to the vet resulted in the pronouncement that they are a "superb litter." I expect t… Read more

Hi, It’s me again. I am going to share with you about the sailors of Navy Air Station Tillamook and their war time operations. All of this information comes to you from “The History of NAS Tillamook and It’s role in World War ll” This small booklet is available at the museum housed in Hangar ‘B’. Read more

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Graduation day at Tillamook Bay Community College is a special time for our students, our staff, and our faculty. It’s also an important day for the families of our students who have supported them during their educational journey and are excited for the opportunity to celebrate in their success. Read more

It is human nature to look forward to big events in our lives. Holidays, family gatherings, graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays are all reasons to celebrate. But I have been enjoying the idea of celebrating the small things in life, too. This week we're going to talk about all the smal… Read more

Lets talk hair. My sons have long hair. Their father had long hair. I braid my boys’ hair. Our family has never really experienced any negativity about the length of their hair, until recently when my children entered school. As a parent, when my child comes to me with a problem I encourage … Read more

Thanks to Doug Olson (Pacific City-Nestucca Chamber of Commerce Treasurer) for sending details on this year’s 61st Annual Dory Days event. The parade is planned for 11:  a.m. on Saturday, July 17 in Pacific City.  As usual, it will form at the county boat ramp on Sunset Drive and proceed acr… Read more