I want to give a big shout out to my heroes of this week. Our trash collection and recycle day was a very windy, very wet, very early Tuesday. It was close to impossible to even go out in the weather without getting blown over. We had to go out and right our trash cans and recycle cans a cou… Read more

I know it’s hard to believe but the seed catalogs began arriving the day after Christmas. I guess they noticed how many people turned to growing their own food during the pandemic. One of my personal favorite covers was the painting of a gray-haired woman with gardening gloves, a small pigta… Read more

Do you lack a safe stable place to call home? (Are you living in your car, a tent, dry camping or staying with friends?) Project Homeless Connect is planned from 1-3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 27 at CARE. Their temporary, outdoor, location is located at 904 Main Avenue in Tillamook. Servi… Read more

A glorious waterfall graced the cape last week, shortly after several days of heavy rain. We don’t always have waterfalls there, but a deluge of rain often brings forth one or two. It was a pretty sight to see. Read more

I have no words to describe my fear, anger, and disbelief at what transpired during the week, let alone the entire 2020. So it was with a heavy heart that I went to the City Council meeting. However, as I watched the swearing in ceremony of Mayor David McCall and councilors Tom Imhoff, Melis… Read more

My husband, Dale, has been really enjoying the RB Little Store LLC at 1720 N Hwy 101. Whenever we walk by, his mouth starts watering for their delicious hamburgers. I don't eat red meat, so I just watch him eat it…. Be sure to check them out! Read more

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North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection and the Forest Waters Coalition have started the Forest Waters Watch Campaign to help people learn about their water, where it comes from, who owns the land in that watershed and how is that land managed, and what contaminants may be present i… Read more

Last week we talked about bettering yourself with some self-improvement books sure to soothe your body and soul, liven up your kitchen, recharge your batteries, and increase productivity. This week, I will share some titles to go along with that theme. All these books are available from your… Read more

I’ve seen, heard and overheard tell this week of locals and visitors playing on logs in the waves on our beaches. Logs on the beach are wet and extremely heavy. They can weigh hundreds of pounds. Yet a single sneaker wave can lift and roll these logs further up or back down the beach. Anyone… Read more

Having our daughter, Amber, here for Christmas made it so much more special. I cooked a lot of meals in the week and a half she was here, but we also enjoyed take home meals from three of our favorite places on the Oregon Coast. The first night she arrived, at her request, the Barviw Jetty S… Read more

I was saddened to hear of the passing of retired Sheriff Todd Anderson on December 27th. While he started his career with the Washington County Sheriff’s office, we were fortunate that his career path eventually led him to the position of Sheriff in Tillamook County. After retiring, he conti… Read more

A couple of new signs have popped up in Cape Meares, warning of “not a thru” or “dead end” streets. Residents here are all too familiar with cars and even huge RVs coming through the village, looking for the lighthouse—which you can’t reach from here (you have to go up Hwy. 131 and turn nort… Read more

How are those New Year’s resolutions going so far? If you are like many people, you have already dropped those resolutions faster than the big ball drops in Times Square at the stroke of midnight! But never fear, the library can help you get back on track with our own set of goals for the ne… Read more

Welcome to the New Year! I think we can all agree that there is no way 2021 can fail to be better than 2020. And good news is already starting to roll in. We have several frontline healthcare workers here in Cape Meares who have already received the first of two shots that will vaccinate the… Read more

Were you lucky enough to receive an amaryllis for Christmas, 2020? If so, it might have been the best thing that happened to you last year. But now you need to figure out what to do with it to help it to bloom again for 2021. Read more

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Amber has been staying with us since Christmas and we are sure having lots of fun! There has been lot’s of eating, singing and walking. Dale and Amber have even hiked up in the hills a few times. Boy, I am going to miss her when she goes home, but it will be nice to thoroughly clean my house. Read more

As we go to press, the festive holiday décor that’s graced Cloverdale for the past month is coming down to be stored away until next year’s holiday season. I’m finally remembering to thank the four locals who responded to a query on Facebook (“Where are Cloverdale’s decorations this year?”) … Read more

This past week I was driving with my grandsons through Pleasant Valley but had this rather unpleasant experience. In plain sight along Hwy. 101 was a large sign with big bold letters that read “XXXX You, Governor Kate Brown. Merry Christmas.” I may not have listed this quote in the right ord… Read more

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The Tillamook Police Department, like other community services, has been very busy this last year with the COVID 19 Pandemic negatively exacerbating livability issues as well as response to regular criminal activity within the City. There has been a lot of negative energy directed at the Cit… Read more