Fire departments and prevention groups urge everyone to dispose of yard debris, rather than burn it. This year’s warm and dry conditions have already caused fires to burn many acres quickly. Rather than burning yard debris, you can help prevent wildfires by chipping or recycling it. Read more

The Chamber recently received a third shipment of Personal Protective Equipment from Business Oregon, and with our in-house storage space stocked with masks, gloves, and sanitizer, it feels like a good time to recap the free PPE program we’ve been helping manage. Read more

Ballots for the special election are due no later than 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 18. It’s safest, given the short deadline, for ballots to be submitted to drop boxes. In South County, our options are Kiawanda Community Center on Kiawanda Drive in Pacific City and across from Center Market on… Read more

A lot of folks have been complaining about the garbage left in our town and on our beaches lately. Unfortunately, you won't change folks that do this, so how about turning lemons into lemonade. Bring a bag and gloves with you when you go for a walk, and pick the stuff that can be picked up b… Read more

Kathy and Kevin Burke came upon a couple of harsh, if not uncommon, examples of nature at work recently. A four-foot shark was flopping about on the beach; seagulls had already started pecking at him. Just a few days after that, they found a longnose lancetfish; it was fast becoming eagle fo… Read more

In this unsettled second spring of Covid when infection numbers seem to be increasing again, I have found I am still reluctant to shop in person at a nursery. In any year, May in a nursery is always a time of increased shoppers and I am not really ready to be around hordes of people even tho… Read more

I went to my first training as a tour guide through the museum. I will have the pleasure of telling hometown folks and/or tourist about the Hangar in person, once a month for 3 hours. Of course, the museum is awesome. If you have not been in the Hangar or seen the museum for a long time, you… Read more

The sun is finally shining outside my office, the temperature is rising, and I can see the flowers starting to bloom. Spring appears to have finally arrived at the Tillamook Coast. The warm weather combined with the release of the COVID-19 vaccines might make it seem like things are getting … Read more

If you've ever taken a deck of playing cards and thrown them high in the air, then quickly picked them up so you can put them all back in order, you have a little idea of what it is like to be the library courier driver. That deck of cards analogy repeats itself over and over throughout the … Read more

As we all are aware, the tourism and hospitality industry took the brunt of the COVID-19 economic impact. All around the nation and state, not just in Tillamook County, the industry suffered massive layoffs and furloughs starting in early 2020. Across Oregon, the hospitality industry lost ne… Read more

Do you like chocolate chip cookies? Well, I am finding out my husband loves them. He has a sweet tooth. He buys the largest Skittles and Candy Corn packages he can possibly find. The candy corn is usually on sale after Halloween, and he buys enough to last all year. I am not kidding. He love… Read more

May launches "Care-a-thon," a nearly month-long fundraiser for Community Action Resource Enterprise (CARE). It's similar to their annual Bowl-a-thon of years gone by in that teams work together and gather sponsors. But this year, instead of a one-day event, a walk-a-thon is planned from now … Read more

Three cheers for our own Ciel Downing, who recently had a short story accepted to the prestigious Timberline Review magazine. Ciel has been focusing on her writing in retirement and penned a piece about how she came by her Blackfoot Native American name. She has also been nominated for the K… Read more

Having just completed serving 13 years on the Tillamook School District Board of Directors I walked away feeling sure that our community and the kids we serve are in great hands. During my tenure on the board our district has been faced with great challenges. During all of those challenges i… Read more

Thanks for printing the article about Bill and Bea Steele in the April 13, 2021 issue.  I was fortunate to work for and learn from Bill Steele from the summer of 1961 until I left Tillamook for college in the fall of 1962. This was the first real job I had, starting as a busboy/dishwasher, w… Read more

This week, I have a couple of library-related feel-good stories to relay to you. But first, I have an exciting announcement! We know our library patrons with young families have been missing live storytime events over the past year. So, until we can safely gather again for regular in-person … Read more

I am supporting Andrea Goss for the Tillamook Board of Education Position #1 and here is why I am asking you to do so as well. I have had the privilege of working with Andrea on several community projects over the last five years. Not only is her enthusiasm and dedication a joy to work with … Read more

Mike and I first met each other my senior year of high school when he became my teacher at Wilson River School. My grades were bad and I was hardly on track to graduate to say the least. As the year went on, my attitude and attendance had gone from bad to worse. I could tell that I was a com… Read more

The rhythmic clanging of shovels mixed with the ting of rain on a tin hardhat is the opening tune to most cold winter days planting trees. It is one of the toughest and most rewarding parts of working as a forester. I would argue it is one of the most crucial parts of sustainable forestry as… Read more