This past year or two, it was so rough I am not sure how long it was, we’re the worst in my life. I had what most knew as an easy life, where opportunities were given to me for no good reason.  Even though people did not know what life was in all reality for me. Others have had life worse.  … Read more

I would like to thank Hospice for the excellent car that they gave to George. You were absolutely wonderful and he really enjoyed you. I would also like to thank all of our friends, relatives and family for the beautiful flowers, cards and prayers. Also a thank you to St. Vincent Hospital to… Read more

Vaccine clinics on the school grounds of Nestucca school district are enticing anyone they can to take a vaccine without parental consent. No matter how you feel about the vaccines, it is not the school board’s decision but the parents of the children who have the authority to make that call… Read more

On the evening of January 3rd, 2022, less than three weeks after Betsy Johnson abruptly resigned from her state senate seat, seventy Precinct Committee People (PCPs) from all five counties in Senate District 16 convened in Seaside to select a slate of candidates to forward to the county comm… Read more

Thanks to Doug Olson for word that there was no Pacific City – Nestucca Valley Chamber of Commerce meeting for January 4.  With the holidays, Covid, bad weather and everyone’s schedule, they simply could not get all the moving parts together, including a speaker, in time for the regular meet… Read more

That holiday blast of wintry weather meant trouble on the roads for a lot of locals. Jerry and Sonya Thompson’s grandson was leaving Cape Meares after a Christmas visit when he encountered a car in the ditch on the north side of Bayocean Road, right after the dike road, and another vehicle t… Read more

It is already the second week in January. The holiday season is behind us and I am working hard trying to think positive in this new year. Making music with my little ukulele helps, but with the new variant, I am not sure how much longer I will be comfortable playing with others. (Though we … Read more

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This week I am writing about some of the unusual things we have available for check out at the Tillamook County Library. These first items have been in our system for quite some time, but not a lot of people know about them. They are called Book Club Kits, and anyone who has been in a book c… Read more

When you think about honey bees is your first thought “sting” or “honey”? Well, if its “sting” you should know a few things.  First, most stings are from yellow jackets or hornets. Honey bees get the blame but they are so, so, so busy collecting pollen and nectar they really don’t care about… Read more

I’m super happy to see news of Lee Brassfield, from a post shared by Barbie McMellon on Facebook. I remember riding the morning school bus as an assistant to students when her husband, Howard was driver. Howard allowed the school kids to address him as “Howie” on the green bus, “but only on … Read more

Time for our annual gardening resolutions for the New Year. I must admit that resolutions are at the back of my mind these days with new variants of Covid popping up all over the place. But we need to look forward instead of looking back and resolutions are a good way to do just that. Read more

Hope you had a very merry, if cold, Christmas. It started snowing Christmas Day evening here in Cape Meares, and temperatures dipped down into the 20s overnight in the week that followed. The snow was beautiful, coming down in soft flakes and piling up close to two inches at the peak. But we… Read more

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Picture me as a wiggly, goofy, twelve-year-old boy in sixth grade. We had a brand-new, fresh-out-of-college music teacher who was being overwhelmed by a bunch of adolescent kids. Finally, she had enough and with eyes bulging, she pointed a shaky finger straight at me and said that by tomorro… Read more

When I was working for the creamery, every month 1 hours wage would be deducted from my check for the United Way.  I didn’t really notice it much amongst the other deductions, but by the end of the year, it was a goodly, if not princely, sum. Read more

Today I took my 94 year old mother to see her next home in Seaside. After losing my Dad a year ago, she was just settling in to Nehalem Bay House, getting to know a few people, and feeling comfortable there. We had a conversation about moving to another home when the level of care started to… Read more

Dear Santa, I don’t know if you’re the right person to send a thank you letter to, but it’s easier than sending a separate letter to every home in Tillamook County! You see, the staff at the library is so appreciative of all the good things that happened to us this year, it seems like we can… Read more

Cape Meares residents Kevin and Sarah Scaldeferri were two of twenty-some individuals who participated in the Tillamook Bay Christmas Bird Count (CBC) on Dec. 18. What is it? Well, just our county’s contribution to one of the longest running community science projects around, says Kevin. He … Read more

Oregon State Parks will again waive the $5 parking fee, in those locations that charge it, to encourage “First Day Hikes” at locations across the State. Oregonians of all ages are invited to make a hike in nature part of their New Year’s celebration on Saturday, January 1. Google “Oregon Sta… Read more

This is something that should make clear to every thinking Oregonian why the job of a Precinct Committeeperson (PCP) is important. Democratic PCPs who live in Senate District 16 will soon be nominating between three and five replacements for Senator Betsy Johnson, who resigned on Wednesday. … Read more

This column is about the potentially-confusing library jargon you might hear librarians use. We don't mean to confuse people when we use phrases like put a hold on it, or visit our virtual branch, or we could ILL that for you. We use these terms so much at work that we sometimes forget some … Read more