It seems hard to believe, but it has been nearly two years since the Tillamook High Cheesemakers baseball team has played a game. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 season was canceled and the Cheesemakers last played in May of 2019. Read more

It is hard to believe that Tillamook Bay Community College turned 40 years old this month! Those of you who have been in Tillamook for that long may remember that the College started out in Bay City and was actually a satellite campus of Clatsop Community College. Clatsop decided to disconti… Read more

I am confident Andrea Goss will be an outstanding board member for Tillamook School District 9. It was a pleasure for me to work with Andrea on the Board of Directors for “Tides of Change” and as volunteers together for the Warming Center. Andrea is a positive, energetic person who has a str… Read more

A few years back, the Tillamook County Creamery Association came out with a new aged cheddar cheese named Cape Meares cheese. We were delighted here in Cape Meares! We bought the cheese for hostess gifts, enjoyed it at holiday parties, and generally ballyhooed it. You can imagine my dismay w… Read more

I worked a different schedule last week, so had a chance to visit the Library Thrift Store on Thursday. (Saturday Is my usual day.) The place was well stocked and neat as a pin. Several, unblemished and entirely usable clothing and household items were displayed on the shaded deck for a doll… Read more

Steve Tackett and I recently jammed/performed at Simply Charming on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Steve has a golden voice and it's always fun to sing with him. And his warm tones make my voice sound better. We even had a bit of applause! Boy, I can't wait until things open up all the way. I mis… Read more

We need incumbent Jack Boom on the North County Recreation District Board of Directors. He is our go to member on the new pool construction project that includes bond and funding. This is not the time to change board members. Jack has been on the point on all the improvements we have made. T… Read more

Welcome to part two of the joys and perils of driving the bookmobile. Last week, we covered the scary stuff, so this week, we will conclude with the many delights we experience on the bookmobile route. Read more

Next, I will try to explain from the history what makes this huge rigid Airships do its job. Hangar ‘B’ was designed to hold up to 8 Series ‘K’ blimps, according to pictures. They were all fueled with hydrogen to give the structure the ability to lift and maneuver. The Blimp Squadron ZP-33 w… Read more

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Clear your calendar and rev your engines for June 26: The 64th annual June Dairy Parade is a-go, though it will once again be inside out. The parade theme will be “As the World Churns.” (Fitting, we think, for how our community keeps trekking along despite any of last year’s obstacles.) Read more

It’s Earth Day next week. Many events planned to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the first (April 22, 1970) Earth Day, last year were canceled due to the Covid pandemic. Lincoln City will have a citywide “Garage Sale” this weekend. In years past, a map of participating sales was publishe… Read more

It was a pretty tough year last year for the Tillamook County Master Gardener Association. Well, it was a pretty tough year for all of us. But nonprofit organizations like TCMGA took a real hit when all the fundraisers were cancelled for the year. This not only included the TCMGA’s every-oth… Read more

Dale and I have gotten our Johnson & Johnson vaccines and are now waiting our 14 days and then we will venture out a bit more. We have gotten an amazing amount of work done at our cabin. We have sold, donated and gifted to family so much of our stuff. Moving from our big house to our sma… Read more

Spring building projects are budding out in Cape Meares. Pete Parks is currently redoing the siding and deck on his family’s home on 3rd St. NW, as well as installing new windows (he says a new garage door and gutters will come later this spring). Guy Kyle and his wife, Stacy Mason, have the… Read more

I am writing in regard to the March 2 Guest Column by Robin Kostrikin. The gist of this rant, as I understand it, is that the scientific, clinical, and public health community, and especially Dr. Anthony Fauci are part of a diabolical scheme to foist unproven and unsafe vaccines on the Ameri… Read more

What have you done in your life that brought both terror and excitement? For me, driving the 28-foot bookmobile takes me WAY out of my comfort zone…but I actually kind of like the adrenaline rush! This column will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like to drive an entire librar… Read more

What a relief! Spring break in Cape Meares was back to normal. Unlike last year, when hordes descended upon us just before the state went into quarantine, this year had only the usual number of revelers. We liked seeing our full-timers, part-timers, and a few extra tourists enjoying the seas… Read more

On days I work Tillamook, I’m occasionally hungry on the drive into town. One morning last week, Hebo Market was out of the breakfast sandwich that I usually buy to eat on my way to work. I dropped by Yellow Dog, the coffee cart located just north of the intersection of U.S. Highway 101 and … Read more

Greetings Bay City! April is here; the month of new beginnings, new flowers, baby lambs, and new baby chicks. Most importantly, it's the month that Christians around the world gather to celebrate a risen Jesus and the "Good News". In our home we use to celebrate with a sunrise service, and g… Read more

I just got my Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine. So far so good, but boy, I am looking forward to traveling again. Hopefully the side effects will be minimal. Dale gets his tomorrow... Read more

Step into the time machine and take a little trip with me to my rural Iowa hometown. The year is 1965 and we are outside the popular five and dime store, Ben Franklin. Does anyone else remember those stores? Upon entering, if you take a sharp right turn, you will find the impressive display … Read more

I am excited to let you know that I am running for Tillamook School Board, Position #1. I’m running because I sincerely care about the success of our children and I believe that I can help make a difference in their lives. I have spent 15 years as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in… Read more