• Earl Goldmann Scottsdale, AZ.

With the passing of Bob Riggert, the City of Tillamook lost a good citizen. He lived in Tillamook most of his life and loved the place.

  • John R. Stahl Netarts,OR

I realize the resent rains have been excessive, far beyond normal, but this doesn't relinquish the responsibility of clear cutting on potentially erosion prone areas. Hydraulics is not difficult to understand, many of us have been dealing with it for decades and controlling it. I find it dif…

  • The Surette’s: Donald, Cheryl and Robert

The Surette Family would like to thank everyone for all the kind words of love and warmth to our heart in our time of sorrow, and thanks to everyone that brought us food, cookies or even just a hug.

  • Kim Cavatorta Community Arts Project Board Member Hebo

Community Arts Project (CAP) is sad to report that it will not be presenting its annual fundraising event, Your Heart’s Desire, in Pacific City this year due to staffing and resource changes. 

  • Dixie Gainer Nehalem

I was in the Fred Meyer parking lot the other day and someone was looking at my tire cover which says: “Feel the Bern”. I asked the young woman if she liked Bernie Sanders and she said, “yes”, she did, but she thought it was time for a woman president. Is this what we need now?

  • Jim Heffernan Tillamook

I'm not a scientist, but I read a lot of magazines (Scientific American, National Geographic, Harper's, Atlantic, Mother Jones). I consider all of them to be quality publications who present a balanced viewpoint.

  • Sandra Dunsmoor Rockaway Beach

Recently I was counting pennies at Fred Meyer to get a loaf of bread to assure my grandsons lunches and snacks, imagine my surprise walking out of the store and seeing what looked like a hundred dollar bill. Stormy out, it was wet and laying next to my car! I have turned in money before and …

  • David C. Stuck Moderator, Tillamook Ecumenical Community Oceanside

Thank you! We wish to thank all who helped provide Christmas basket assistance to nearly 220 households in Central Tillamook County this past Christmas. A total of 875 people were assisted. A total of 25 local organizations and many individuals adopted families by providing Christmas baskets.

  • John and Ann Rogan Tillamook

We would like to thank our neighbors at the Stimson Lumber Company and especially John Wayhoe. One night in last month's storm our house was in the path of a watery, log-filled mudslide. Our house was not damaged but our yard, which is adjacent to Stimson forestland, was covered in mud, logs…

  • Barbara Rodriguez Tillamook

Have you attended a THS basketball game this year? If not, you should check it out. Both the boys and girls are playing their hearts out. Good job coaches!

  • Rick Stelzig Tillamook

I recently retired in from BAC1 of Oregon Bricklayer & Allied Craftworker in February 2015 and I'm having a hard time staying retired. I went back to work [from] August to December. It was a fun job out in East Portland at the Rockwood Kaiser Medical Office. Working with B&B Masonry …

  • Kilchis House staff and Administration

Kilchis House, a local non-profit assisted living community, has always been faced with certain challenges when it comes to the daily operations as a non-profit providing care for a vulnerable population. This has created a very caring and creative staff. Our ability to care for our resident…

  • John and Janet Stahl Tillamook

A thank you to Tillamook, to the State Troopers and the Tillamook Sheriff Dept. A big thank you to Deputies Brent Seaholm and Chuck Reeder for keeping their learned restraints and protecting themselves and the general public in their actions on Dec. 24, 2015, with out the use of weapons.

  • Tate Harringer Tillamook

The “Dietary Guidelines for Americans" released yesterday by U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services mark the ninth time in a row that the meat industry has successfully suppressed scientific findings recommending reduced meat consumption. The reduction was recommended …

  • Elki Powers Oceanside

I want to thank the crew from PUD who came up shortly after Icalled….at midnight on the 17th of December. A couple of trees had toppled in the big storm and one broke the power pole right outside my bedroom window. There were at least a dozen workers, and a couple of big trucks and cherry pi…

  • Sandra Koops Foster Home Certifier and the Staff at Tillamook County Child Welfare

The Department of Human Services, Child Welfare, and the foster children of Tillamook County would like to express our sincere appreciation for the support and care given to us during the 2015 Holiday Season. We’ve had an out pouring of Christmas gifts and events to help our foster children …

As you may know, the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners proclaimed 2016 to be a Year of Wellness (YOW). Healthcare costs for preventable, chronic disease continue to rise despite education efforts. It is time for a new approach – one that helps encourage and motivate people to make heal…

  • Valerie Sovern, Manager Cascade Head Ranch Homeowners Association & District Improvement Company

James Drayton Excavating in Lincoln City came to our rescue not once, not twice but at least three times the past few weeks.

  • By Bob Flackus Tillamook

This letter is woefully late and I apologize. My wife, Dee and I retired and purchased our home on Burton Hill Rd in 2006. Everything about this property was just perfect. Great view, great neighbors, perfect house. It was and still is a paradise; only now it needs some help.

  • By Julie Fletcher Tillamook

Passing along some important information to the citizens of Tillamook County and interested persons regarding Camp Meriwether and Camp Clark located just south of Cape Lookout.  The Camp Meriwether and Camp Clark preserve is owned by Boy Scouts of America-Cascade Pacific Council (CPC) headqu…

The city of Rockaway Beach has mud on its hands. In December of 2014 Rock Creek overflowed, and did little damage as far as I know, but it was an ominous warning. The creek on the East side of S.E. Dolphin was flowing at about 2 feet lower than on the west side. It was evident that the creek…

  • Friends and family of Active Duty of Military of Tillamook County

Michelle and Roberta would like to thank all of those people who helped make the military Christmas package project a success. It is a lot of work, but so worth while when the packages are finally mailed. Those who helped are VFW Post 2848 Auxiliary, June Bolden, The Crossley Family, The Shi…

  • Barbara McLaughlin Fulcrum Community Resources, Chair

On a gray and rainy day, 36 shoppers contributed $5,110 to local nonprofits and other worthy causes around the world at the 11th annual Alternative Gift Market held in Manzanita on Dec. 5. Fulcrum Community Resources, whose mission is to further sustainability in north Tillamook County, is p…

  • Meg Thompson Oceanside

Oceansiders cannot travel in or out, as both sections of Cape Meares Loop are now closed. The road above Happy Camp is very unstable and needs protection for the health and safety of our citizens.

  • Jon Orloff Jean Scholtz George Taylor Judy Taylor Rockaway Beach

We would like to make a modest suggestion to the Rockaway City Council: institute a policy whereby if there is the possibility of a loss of city services, the residents of Rockaway should be advised of that eventuality. Our suggestion is motivated by the recent break in a water main supplyin…

  • Jean Scholtz Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach officials have placed a tsunami sign at the corner of Juniper and Pacific View. It shows a person running uphill to get to higher ground as a tsunami is coming. Unfortunately the sign points downhill. I understand the intent of the sign. The city has not placed any emergency s…

  • Joe Blatner Oceanside

Great reporting on the slide(s) etc. In regards to the gentlemen that mentioned his insurance company won't pay, if he's been paying for such an incident and they don't pay, the name of the Insurance Company should be published, so we can make sure we don't have them as our insurance company.

  • Susie Johnson Tillamook

I wrote an article “Through My Eyes,” that was printed on Nov. 18 about the county’s health insurance plan(s), and even though I checked twice for verification of information before I went to print with a union representative, the insurance plan(s) information was incorrect. At last night’s …

  • William Spidal Nehalem

Does anyone in Tillamook County support Donald Trump for President? He seems to blame everyone but "middle class white people" for America's problems.

  • Bricker Fletcher Tillamook

How long will we allow this madness to continue!? It seems weekly now that we hear of another mass shooting. As always, the NRA, right wing, and Republicans say the answer is not common sense gun control, but more guns! Thorough background checks? Heavens no, even though most responsible gun…

  • LloyDene Westmark Tillamook

I appreciated your article in the paper this morning, but take exception to the use of the phrase “illegal art...this is graffiti and vandalism, period. There is no “art” about it!

  • Walter Kostrikin Pacific City-Woods

You’ ve been had! Yes, that’ s right; if you actually looked up the PCJWSA engineering report’ s infamous Fig 3, you will have realized that. That graph with the dashed line, the one rearing its head to heavens like some glorious serpent or dragon, that graph is no mistake, no enormous blund…

  • Susie Johnson Tillamook

Community members large and small, short or tall, with or without disabilities have a hard time opening the restroom doors (both men and women) at Fred Meyers. Add to the scene a walker, or wheelchair and you will see and/or experience that access is difficult, embarrassing and can lead into…